Frutos de nuestro trabajo

Heeeey there everybody! So much has happened this week. To start off, this week has been a little rough with my health and the health of my companion so we havent been able to work hard everyday but we are now getting better and we have recieved a blessing so that has helped. As always keep us in your prayers please! But we have truly been able to see the mighty hand of God everyday.

But on to the good news! This week I have been able see the fruits of my work! Sometimes that is the hardest thing as being a  missionary. Not seeing the results, but through emails I have been able to see the fruits of my work in other areas and this area. Finding out the people you taught in the previous areas have now been or will be baptised and continue to grow in the church is the best blessing to know that you helped to be instruments in hands of God to bring His children back on His path. We will continue to work hard and fight the good fight of faith.
Thank you for all your emails and prayers! 😊🌟🌎
1. Gabys baptism and her awesome family who have all been fruits of missionary work!!!
2. This super cute cafe that has good hamburgers (not as good as in n out but it will do)  😅

Te Amo,

Hermana Brooks

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