Las Victorias 2 Ipala

Greetings from Ipala, Chiquimula! Sooo much has happened this past week. So to start off… Wednesday morning last week my comp and I received an email from the the secretaries of the mission. They told me that I had an emergency transfer. That was pretty rough to accept. I knew I would be leaving the area after 4 transfers here but not in the middle of the transfer. We had SO much planned for the rest of the transfer but God had other plans. So I am now currently in Ipala which is 5 hours away from the capital but I love it here! Super green, lots of horses, a water volcano and very nice people. It was a little hard to leave Las Victorias but I know that even in the most unexpected changes God knows why He does what he does. He has a plan. I am very grateful that I got to spend almost 6 months in Las Victorias and see all the miracles and happiness the Gospel brought people. We helped some grow their seed of faith while others we planted that seed. Overall I am so grateful for those moments and now many more to come here in Ipala.

Lots to look forward to 😁
I wish everybody a great week! Embrace change 🌟
1. Last pic in las vix
2. New house woohoo!
Hermana Brooks

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