8 months and following Him

This week was awesome!

Best thing that happened this week
1. This was the last week of our mission presidentĀ šŸ˜“Ā the new mission president will be entering this week. We had a huge multizone conference and it was beautiful. We heard our president and his wife talk such words of inspiration and joy. They truly are examples of disciples of Christ. Everytime a group of new missionarys entered the mission they always sang for them this really nice song. It goes like this:
I know He lives.
I know He loves me.
I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior.
I want to follow Him so that I can return to live with Him again.
Now imagine 130 missionarys singing that with their mission president… Let me just say it leaves you speechless of how strong the Spirit was.
I just want to testify that I know those words are true. I know that our Savior and Redeemer loves us and came here to save us. Only if we let Him into our lives and follow His plan. I love Him with all of my heart and I want to follow Him so that one day I can live with Him again along with my family. There is no other greater joy than that. I invite all of you to do the same. Learn more of your Savior, follow His counsel and follow Him.
I wish everybody a great week full of miracles and happiness!
1. 8 months woohoo (where is the time goingĀ šŸ˜…)
2. Hermana Rivera!!!! She is leaving this transfer ahh!
3. My survival buddy and comp. We have survived earthquakes and everything!Ā šŸ˜

Te Amo,

Hermana Brooks


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