Elder Rendlund and street performers

This week was GREAT!

Why this week was great
1. We went to a conference with 2 other mission from Guatemala and the MTC of Guatemala. We saw Elder Rendlund of the Quorum of the 12 apostles. He gave a great talk!
2. I saw all my old companions there!  👭
3. We were street contacting and this street performers started asking us what we were doing. We gave them a Book of Mormon and invited them to church. In that moment they opened up a page of the Book of Mormon and tried to improvise and sing phrases from the book. It was pretty silly 😅
4. Jenny was baptised this week!
5. Changes were this week and I am staying in Las Victorias with Hermana Martinez (woohoo!)
6. Started English Classes!
Honestly everyday I love the mission more and more. To see somebody truly want to change their life and live a better life and you be apart of that change is the best feeling. Meanwhile, they are changing I am learning to change with them. Everyday we learn something from others and us from them. I know that this truly is the work of God. I also know that sometimes we have to take a leap of faith to receive the blessings. I also know that when we listen to that still small voice we are guided and we have no need to fear.

Te Amo,

Hermana Brooks


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